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Mikkimbe Chedilang Club, Kusimkolgre-B.

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Mikkimbe Chedilang Club Highlights Anomalies in Sports & youth Affairs Dept.

Staff Reporter
Meghalaya Times:

Shillong, June 23 : The Mikkimbe Chedilang Club of Kusimkolgre-B, Williamnagar has expressed its resentment at the state government which it has held responsible for Williamnagar lagging behind in the arena of games and sports as compared to other parts of the states.

In a letter sent to the Director, Sports And Youth Affairs, Meghalaya on Monday, the General Secretary of the Club Babat R Marak (Elbert R Marak), citing an example of this, has questioned as to why, in spite of the availability of the funds, the participants in Inter School Athletic Meets have to return home with empty stomachs but for a glass of orange juice and packaged of drinking water even as these participants have to reach the venue of these Meets at their own expense.

He also alleged that participants in the Subroto Mukherjee Football Tournament are selected indiscriminately without proper screening of the players who he suspects do not belong to any particular school and are usually fit. In this regard he also said that there are only 5 participating teams on an average on whom the money spent is paltry. As such, Marak questioned as to what has become of the huge amount of money allocated for this.
Marak also alleged that in the Under 12 Football Tournament for boys and girls, the local District Sports Officer made the participating teams sign on blank receipts.

Informing the Director that the Club is aware than an amount in excess of Rs. 50, 000 apiece is available for the celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day, Marak alleged that barely Rs. 20, 000 was expended.

With regard to the District Sports Promotion Society programme, Marak expressed his alarm over the ‘autocratic and arbitrary manner in which the first meeting was conducted on November 20, 2013 in the Deputy Commissioner’s (DC’s)Office chamber.

Marak alleged that after being informed and invited personally by the DC & Chairman, District Sports Promotion Society , the constituent members of the Society belonging to Williamnagar District Sports Association, District Sports Association and Mikkimbe Chedilang Club of Kusimkolgre-B, Williamnagar had turned up for the meeting as per the guidelines laid down by the government but were unceremoniously asked to leave by the Chairman himself, who is no less a regular District Magistrate and a custodian of legal procedures established by law. Marak alleged that representatives of MLAs were substituted illegally in this meeting.

As such, Marak has opined that if such afflictions are allowed to persist, the future of sports, games and youth affairs in East Garo Hills and probably other Garo Hills districts is bleak and needs to be addressed urgently.

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